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Heavy Metal #300 Cover C Fabry (Mature)

USD $ 9.99

A new era begins with a celebration of 300 incredible issues of America's Premiere Sci-Fi/Fantasy magazine! Classic and new comic book creators from all over the world join the magazine to celebrate its 300th issue! Just to name some of our very important guests: Moebius attends with a short story published in English for the first time as well as an interview, never released, done by acclaimed comics and music writer Geoff Bucher. Other VIP guests are: Richard Corben, Liberatore, Jonathan Hickman, Simon Bisley, Frezzato, Vaughan Bode, Stephanie Phillips, Justin Jordan, Blake Northcott, Matt Medney, David Erwin, Germán Ponce, Ignacio Calero and Duke Mighten who are joined by 'New Hollywood 21st century' actor/writers Dylan Sprouse & Brendan Columbus. And this party could not be complete without the fictional characters who'll attend it. Among the distinguished fictional guests, we have confirmation of: Taarna, Nelson the B52 Bomber, Lucy the Australopithecus, the barbarians Vasator and Crunch, and the Dark Wing crew, among many others. You're cordially invited to join the celebration!.